Follow This Guide When Buying Industrial Metal Desks

What Size Should Industrial Metal Desks Be?

Technology has evolved in the workplace however one constant that always remains are industrial metal desks, they are still used in every employee’s day-to-day life. Computers screen and documents are filed away on these desks. Whether you are trying to transform your office either at home or work, there is a lot of options to possible to choose from, therefore making the decision can be difficult. We have put together a guide to help you with buying the perfect office desk for you.

industrial metal desks

The size of industrial metal desks will come down to the size of your office and more importantly the type of work you need to do. Have a look at the desk presented below to try and come to a decision on what to buy. Begin by measuring your office to determine how big the desk needs to be with the space you have. Always measure in square foot and allow for 3 feet of space around the area for walking room. It is always vital to measure up the doorway and stairwell to your office room to make sure the desk will fit through. If this looks like it could be a possible problem, buying a desk to be assembled might be the preferred option.


What Type Of Desk Shall I Buy?

The options presented can be often overwhelming. Have a look at the desk offers below and try and determine what desk suits your needs. Or visit a great website called RussellOakAndSteel who also sells these type of products. 


Executive desks: are most notably used in larger offices with plenty of space. These bigger desks have a dual pedestal design with drawers fitted to them to store supplies and paperwork. These executive desks are usually made up of a single surface, however, if you find yourself needing more room then maybe buy a U-desk or L-desk for a larger surface.  


Computer desks: are smaller versions of the executive desk. These desks are perfect for smaller spaces like home offices or single room offices. They are still large enough to store a computer and other stationery.


Compact desks: are similar to the computer desk but on a slightly smaller scale. These workstations are amazing to use in tight corners and awkward wall designs. They can fit virtually anywhere.


L-Shaped desks: are essentially two desks joining together, called a return and desk. The desk part is usually larger and the return is a slimmer part of the wood. These desks come in a large range of styles and sizes, making them a perfect choice for anyone who needs a lot of desk room.


U-Shaped desks: are strikingly similar to the L shaped desk, however, they have three pieces of wood joined together, a main desk in the middle, a bridge and a credenza. A U-shape desk in the biggest in size. A U-Shape desk is perfect for somebody who needs lots of room surface to complete large projects. U-desks, come with lots of storage to store files and other stationery.

Adjustable desks and standing desks allow somebody to switch between sitting down and standing up throughout the workday. A standing desk is stationary so must be used with a stool that can be adjustably altered.